MTM’s consulting services extend across the entire commercialization process, covering four distinct but interrelated stages:


At this stage of the commercialization process it is critical that you become familiar with the key demographics of your potential market(s) as well as the existing competitive landscape. This market research is then compared and contrasted with the strengths and weaknesses of your organization to identify your optimal target market(s).


Once your target market is clearly defined, you then need to solidify your company’s unique value proposition (UVP) and how you intend to differentiate your organization from the vast array of competitors in the marketplace. This stage includes the need to qualify and quantify the benefits that your offering extends to your target market.


With your messaging platform solidified, your company then needs to determine exactly how, when and where it should be sharing its story. The strategies and deliverables that are defined at this stage will be based on your organization’s overall capacity, both in terms of financial resources and internal skill sets.


In this phase, your company must bring together the deliverables from the positioning, messaging and marketing stages to determine how you will convert your offering into much-needed revenue. An in-depth understanding of the sales process will be required regardless of the organizational model (online, bricks& mortar, etc.) that you choose.

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