About Us

Tom Mawhinney, President

Tom’s business philosophy builds upon the premise of helping organizations realize their maximum potential. With 25 years of experience as a corporate executive and as a managementconsultant, Mr. Mawhinney brings a comprehensive perspective to the plethora of challenges faced bybusinesses looking to convert their new product or service into revenue and sustainable profitability.

Tom founded Marketing the Mousetrap back in 2001 providing a comprehensive collection of professional services that ranged from market analysis to custom sales & negotiation training. Taking note of the fact that each customer engagement would regularly lead to additional engagements that extended across the entire commercialization cycle, Tom further refined a collection of modular but complementary services that collectively would serve as the missing link for growth-oriented companies looking to bring innovative ideas to market in a distinctlyefficient manner.

Having now worked with more than 200 customers across 35 industry sectors, Tom has accumulated a breadth of experience that furthers enhances his ability to cut through the noise and distractions that typically surround go-to-market planning and deliver breakthrough results for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

MTM Partners (PGI, Raintree, Acqualine logos attached – I will be adding more logos to this page over the coming weeks)

When a customer engagement requires specialized skills that directly complement the commercialization process (i.e. strategic planning, talent acquisition, leadership development programs, best practice implementation, etc.), MTwill introduce into the mix one or more of the professional services organizations that have become our go-to strategic partnersover the past fifteen years. Vetted very carefully, these world-class organizations possess the same commitment to efficiency and excellence that MTM brings to the table each and every time.